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Inspired by one of the most demanding themes right now, the new song ‘Time To Be You’ is all about the importance of minority civil rights and inclusion, stressing the importance of being who you are, moving the listener to embrace a part of the LGBTQ+ community point of view, hence the title ‘Time To Be You’. The song’s video is going to deal with the world of Ballrooms, which have played a major role for many LGBTQ+ communities through the years and features the following letter stamped on it, which may sound familiar to many.


"Time spent enjoying company, dancing, glamour, drinking, playing with no fear, only joy, passion, love.

Someone is here, someone passed away or left the party halfway, but that is: my life, my world, my friends, my freedom, my fantasy. Great parties and wigs, expectation, emotions, strippers, parades I grew up with.

Being whoever you are,liking whatever you like.loving whoever you love.No judgement allowed.

Blinding nightlights, dance floors, sense of complicity, community protection, affection, empathy all over. A careful sister, a mindful brother, mother and father. Indefatigable worker, punctual taxpayer, me, sensible being, often scorned, yet offending, cheeky, yet shy and grumpy. This was, is, and will be mine forever, nobody can take it away from me. No government, no politics, no historical event will prevent me of being who nature planned me to be. None will rob me of being me.

Time is allowed to us for being who we are meant to be. So, it’s time to be you. Running through the night, spilling red wine and cocktails on the floor, kissing each others like lovely brothers, flirting, while dancing, kissing,

while dancing.

Lock the bathroom door Baby. The music is so loud nobody can hear what we do.

Someone is waiting near the platform at the station..Would you like a drink? Do you need a free entry?Do you need sex?Love?I can give you both tonight.You sure? My eyes met yours while standing.

What do you know of how long I took to get here? What do you know about how much peril and risk I ran through to be here? To reach my world, to gain my dimension. My scars are all here red and blinking like the glitters I wear on my dress. It happens when you decide that it’s time to be you."


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